Fantastic Massacre

by Almeida

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Dr. Nowt
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Dr. Nowt It's rad as fuck. Favorite track: Fantastic Massacre.
Corrèze the deads
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Corrèze the deads Prenez un groupe de punk rock californien pour l'énergie et le fun, ajoutez-y une bonne dose de metal ; n'oubliez pas, au passage une certaine technicité, puis donnez-lui une dimension prog ; vous obtiendrez l'alchimie réjouissante que l'on trouve sur cet album ; disons, à peu près... Favorite track: Reservations (III).
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onnets Reminds me of the local Hardcore/Punk bands I went to see as a kid. Paired with the Progressive/Metal stuff I like today. Never heard this mixture before. Favorite track: Jury and the Executioner (II).
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Kinslayer 01:47
(Based on the prologue of 'The Eye of the World' by Robert Jordan) I've wandered these halls and have yet to find you. Where's my love? These crimson floors littered with obstructions slow my stumble. My soul is a canvas, white-washed and fading fast. And so, I search through diluted nameless eyes. Don't you remember? How that steel looks so familiar... A shade of red that you should know. You don't remember? Who owns these stares wrought with such confusion? Where's my love? Twisted mouths that hold more fear than pain of dying. Their cries hang, why do I recognise none? Harrowing that this golden hair veils a pale complexion of horror and awe. Longing, I recall... I whispered and you listened, though we've fought age after age,turn after turn. To watch this city burn could bring a tear to the eyeless. You know not your madness, what you have done, and what I made you become. The depraved painted these walls. Don't you remember? How that steel looks so familiar...A shade of red that you should know. You don't remember... yet, you'll be remembered for slaying everyone you ever loved.
The crack of whip sears quick to bone. Lowered eyes cast on magnificence see hues dulled by servitude. It's lost on those put down on shattered knee. Bent double by the weight of a home, worn as the tapestries sewn. None depicting such unfamiliar scenes that veer from the palace kitchens and third world factories to the minimum wage of a ravaged economy and these old boots that were made for falling apart at the seams. Wasting countless days mourning free time, wishing away barely early starts we navigate a world apart. Not to survive, or labour born of plight, but to get by. Running the human race, refusing to finish last once. Do they laugh themselves all the way to bed chamber? He lies on a throw, lost in the restless sleeps you and I know. Breathing steadily relief comes and goes but not without fault. On his own, he shares his dreams with an entire world. There's a bloodied hand afoot and it's suffocating. The other's clenched in an iron fist, cut-throat capital extremism suckerpunching the exploited and bruised. I'd heard that the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few. But then wasn't that in a Sci-Fi? And to think I've wasted countless days wishing anything away. You feed on those who feed you and watch while all around you starve.
Void of clear sight, erase myself again Weathered thoughts, portray perfection though hearts that carry memories of dissonance We still follow A recycled pledge to reinvent myself, it's too old Am I now faking euphoria as I ascend? I'm chemically bound to repetition So tainted by futile sounds of this inhibition A conscience will reveal itself, when you distance emotion The warmth of skin doused in sweat, your shoulder's chipped If I end your affliction I'll entwine you with mine Words can't construe, interpret your breath that depicts your aloneness Together we're alone In the pursuit of rising above this nothingness, it seems never-ending now My perception is hindered, questionable actions define me Disengage from who you are, no more I'll wake It's sheltering, but devastating that which tries, to replenish, reconstruct to forge humanity Twisted and pleading through lullabies, shallow threats now taint these two tongues Abstain from apologies, I offer no atonement for this The touch of familiar distance settles again I feel nothing, renounce desire, recoil Equilibrium is resumed, from where I came I am again This circular existence becomes tiresome Forever set in ways that will procure estrangement A product of my obsession
Lifeboats 03:47
Struggling to stay afloat as the cold engulfs me Losing all will to fight Staring into the eyes of the drowned Reunited with morbid foresight Your outstretched hand is better reclined For all that I touch seems to die in good time What chance is left when the life jacket fails? Where do we shelter with a sunken ship? It's why I came aboard and what I'm dying for Land is so far away Already life seems so long ago I'm not sure how much water I can tread I can ascend broken pieces but they sink under my weight Your outstretched hand is better alone For all that I touch turns to stone Why am I here?What is left to do? No army of lifeboats can help me pull through
Balefire 01:12
Nothing can withstand this liquid fire. As we tear all time apart... Your thread, scorched to nothingness, the conflagration of memory. You will cease to be. Suck on the flame. Suck up the ash. And suck my balls. Your thread, fazed into emptiness, manifestation of eradication. Burned. Burnt out.
Fail-Buyer 01:06
Roll up! Roll up! We've got money trees in blooming season,jackpots on the stove, cash piles are stock-piled to sky scrape and it's only over, you know, if you sell your soul for an empty hand. But who'd risk that? And they found him in an inch of bile. They say he went under quicker than his assets. Roll up! Roll up!
Optic wonders sparkle shards of invitation as your dreams and hopes conspire to feed your ego's aspirations. Borders crack, and walls fall shorter and greed escapes to tap the water wells. Coerce the flow,restrict and monitor. True admiration can't lie in fear. Your organisation swells and thrives by the profits you adhere. So why am I here? To witness. Your icy stare holds no remorse like the vagueness of your words. To live this is to ignore what goes on behind closed doors. So now you know. All I see is exploitation and emptiness inside. Commit to that? I'd rather die. So I tempt your reply...
Our love showed no guise. We only ask you get down on your knees to the giverand the taker of life. We have nowhere to hide. We are the sons of true sin. The prophets of death but no sowers of lies. Abide and survive or reap the soulless fate you gave man when you denied him. Cast him out, sinful and willingly. Now you wander down the paths of hell. The time has come and you stand alone. The hand of God in mind, so rapturous, as I bring down the ground from under us. Is this world not wondrous enough without conjuring this upto exploit the confused? I lie empty and fucked like the excuses you use to defend divine abuse. If there was any hope, I wouldn't die alone. Before the eyes of God you're on your own.
The sun falls, refraining from mystical curtain calls. Gleaming, it bows down. It's light leaves shadows cast on the great mystery, our time down here, etched in the surface we shamefully erode. Endearing yet misguided eulogies for glorified idols that could be long forgotten. Rotten and broken. Decaying documents. Those that laid me to rest. Sailing, merely sailing to the end. Undercut. Over too soon. I refrain with the sun and descend by the moon.
These walls constructed in your image isolate, but if broken will you see through the hate that's been built up, but remains concealed to my thoughts. I am left here torching cities I built with my hands Soon they'll lay in ruins, forcing me to start again From the dust an arm extends, with digits worn like mine, rid of riches, a sense of self unfolds. This destruction incites harmony We choke on smoke signals, this fire burns to the bone Retching lungs now bleeding, at least we're where we belong Are you alive? A thousand pieces reflect the light to mirrors you can't gaze upon What if I forced your hand, that's shackled and bolted by fear, to embrace a fickle world with standards set in stone Heed this warning Lives spent contemplating those, who judge all but themselves, are torturous In time these blisters heal, revived by a stranger whose shadow bares wings Creation inspired by a new design being born It's fragile but reinforced by days All previous misconceptions, are in flames, leave them to burn We'll pray for no rain Leave them to burn


released December 2, 2011


all rights reserved



Almeida Brighton, UK

Progressive Thrash outfit on Lockjaw Records (UK) and Bird Attack Records (US) and Bells On Records (Japan).

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